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Bitbloq is a BQ Educación project. Our aim is to create a tool for children and young people to learn to design, programme and create technology, and where teachers can find the resources they need to guide them through this exciting process.

Bitbloq in numbers

+300,000 users

+1.2 M sessions

In more than 85 countries

A tool in continuous evolution

Bitbloq was born in 2014 with one objective: for the youngest children to be able to programme robotics with blocks. Up to that point, there were no open free tools enabling this, and Arduino programming was just for some Baccalaureate students with good coding skills. Bitbloq quickly became the most widely used tool to learn programming and robotics in Spain, and it has continued to grow ever since.

At the service of teachers and students

Behind Bitbloq, there is a team comprising engineers, designers, UX/UI experts and teachers. We are in direct contact with the main players in education, which is why we constantly include new topics and functionalities, as their needs evolve.

Who are we?

At BQ Educación, we help people to develop their creative, technical and emotional skills through technology. We are pioneers in technological education and, for over eight years, we have been creating products, solutions and contents with one objective in mind: for children and grown-ups to go from being technology users to being technology creators, while nurturing their ingenuity and creativity.

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Bitbloq is a project by:


Bitbloq is a project by: